19 Dec

Apologies for being late all… this blog is long overdue – in fact the culinary experience was undertaken a month ago i’m sad to report! But, i’m here now… ūüôā

After debating for quite some time about a place to dine whilst a friend of mine was in Sydney, we finally (well I, to be frank!) settled on Aperitivo in Leichardt. ¬†What was a bit of a random choice at first (taken out of the Entertainment book – a great source of restaurant ideas!), one peek at their menu and i was hooked. ¬†Not to mention, having 3 at the table provided for an even greater selection of food to taste… ūüôā

I’ll step you through the delight that was Aperitivo:

1. Fiori Di Zucca (Zucchini flowers)

May i just say, having only ever tasted¬†Zucchini¬†flowers since entering my 30’s (not long, but long enough!) i am saddened i was never able to taste them earlier. ¬†Stuffed Zucchini flowers are a thing of amazement and this was no exception… unfortunately they were all gobbled up before i got a chance to photograph them!

2. Melanzane (eggplant dish)

Oh dear lord… this was delicious. ¬†If the flowers weren’t enough, this dish truly heightened our excitement that the night was going to be one of many culinary delights.


beautiful eggplant with the most amazing mozzarella. ¬†There simply wasn’t enough to share! ūüôā

3. Polenta (as the menu describes “Grilled polenta with melted raclette cheese, saute porcini & wild mushroom”).

This dish was lovely, but quite rich – not my¬†favorite¬†of the night but¬†definitely¬†not to say it wasn’t enjoyable.


4. Duck Salad

Next up on the list was the duck salad, with pomegranate dressing.  Really lovely salad, tangy and not too rich, and the pomegranate complemented the duck very well.  We all enjoyed this at the table and it cut through the richness of the polenta perfectly.

5. Beef medallions

It’s rare (no pun intended!) that you can go wrong with beef medallions and this was no exception. ¬†The beef was cooked wonderfully and accompanied by super sweet shallots. ¬†We were feeling a bit stuffed by this stage, but there was no turning back now!


6. Maiale (Pork fillet with parsnip puree)

I’m not usually a lover of pork unless it’s been slow cooked or braised for millions of hours, so i wasn’t looking forward to this dish. ¬†By the time it came i was not feeling as peckish as i had been (particularly after the protein of the last course!) but it was still a lovely meal, although looking back, we probably should have ordered a lighter course in between.


7. Finally.. the course I had been waiting for Рbraised de-boned goat with caramelized shallots & date jus.

Dear lord… this was the best part of the meal by far – the goat was melt in your mouth and perfectly accompanied by the sweet shallots & date jus. ¬†I only wish i had chosen this as my main so i didn’t have to share!


The best part of dining at Aperitivo though, was not the amazing food (which was, amazing!) but the overall package – the restaurant is not sardine packed, the staff were very knowledgeable and friendly – you were never made to feel rushed and most importantly you were made to feel at ease. ¬†Wine could be ordered by various method (ie glass, carafe etc) – perfect if you want to try a few different wines with dinner, when dining with friends, which is what we did. ¬†Whether it was the decor, the ambiance, the wine or everything all together i vow to return to Aperitivo and sample the dishes i didn’t get a chance to this time around!

And as some parting shots… a couple of pics of the fabulous desserts we shared ūüôā night all!


Nutella Tart w/ banana ice-cream and honeycomb shards


Italian doughnuts w/ nutella fondue


Profiteroles with Toblerone ricotta & vanilla creme anglaise

Aperitivo on Urbanspoon


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